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Some quick pointers on e-cigarettes


While there is lots of information about electronic cigarettes on the Internet, there are still some glaring issues that people aren’t really clear on. Many young people in particular who may have found that they have started smoking tobacco cigarettes as part of their misspent youth, will now be looking towards electronic cigarettes to try and find an alternative.

However, there is a big gulf of knowledge that people suffer from. This article will look at some key areas of misunderstanding around electronic cigarettes, and may even calm some fears and doubts among people who may potentially be open to trying them.


  1. One big area of misunderstanding is cost savings. Conventional cigarettes are now more expensive than they have ever been, and electronic cigarettes are a great alternative for this reason. They are potentially much less expensive than conventional cigarettes, but the cost can soar a little bit if you spend a lot of money on the paraphernalia that comes along with the electronic cigarettes. For example, there are plenty of kits and other paraphernalia around electronic cigarettes that people choose to buy because it is part of the whole culture. These can be costly, so watch out.
  1. Another area of misunderstanding is the concept of being able to quit nicotine and smoking in general with electronic cigarettes. Currently, the US government is looking at labelling electronic cigarettes, potentially, as a medical aid. Until a resolution comes into place there, the jury is out. However, a number of studies have shown that smokers in general may be able to reduce the amount of nicotine they take into their bodies, and most definitely switch over to electronic cigarettes and still find an enjoyable solution to their addiction.
  2. One recent online survey found that 70% of people who were previously smokers had used electronic cigarettes and had gone on to quit, the study also looked at how electronic cigarettes were proving to be less addictive in nature than conventional cigarettes. Other studies have found that around half of committed smokers were definitely able to reduce their tobacco intake or stop it all together once they had tried some electronic cigarette devices.
  1. People are also concerned about where they can use electronic cigarettes. Airlines obviously are one place where you can’t whip it out and have a vape, but you’ll be surprised how many establishments and places that are public allow for electronic cigarette usage. They are becoming more popular, and also more socially acceptable. If you enter an establishment be sure to ask first though.


Those are some areas in which there is still some lack of understanding around the issue of electronic cigarettes.

We will continue to look at these areas as we go on, but the movement, as it were, is growing steadily. These things are becoming more acceptable and also preferred compared to conventional tobacco cigarettes. This is a good thing, because as we all know, conventional cigarettes cause rather nasty diseases. Electronic cigarettes are hundreds of times safer.



v2 pro vape pens are the best new release so far this summer

V2 PRO VAPORIZER A New 3 in 1 Entrant with Lots To Love

Your Series 3 Kit comes with one vaporizing device, one magnetic USB charging cord and one liquid cartridge.

V2 designed the Series 3 with adaptability in mind. The way we smoke is changing and V2 has risen to the challenge by creating a dynamic, affordable smoking experience with the V2 Series 3. While so many other portable vaporizers on the market look clunky or out of place, the Series 3 was designed to be sleek and modern.

It has a solid body and the cartridges sit flush inside the device- even the charger adds to the streamlined appearance thanks to the magnetic closer on the bottom of the device. Other than aesthetics this means that the Series 3 will not get caught on your pocket or bag when you slip it in and adds stability to the structure of the body.

V2 has made a device that is smooth, intuitive, attractive and extremely portable with a length of 5.63 inches and a diameter of 0.59 inches- roughly the length of a pen. The smart base unit has changeable cartridges that will vape a variety of materials and with user-friendly magnetic cartridge installation and charging it’s virtually foolproof.


For thick, rich satisfying clouds of smoke using e-liquid, loose-leaf or essential oils the Series 3 is the intelligent choice and with a price tag of only 59.99 it’s the only choice that works will three mediums. Available in three modern colors: black, steel and blue.


V2 PRO Cartridges


The intelligent, easy load cartridges are magnetically secured for lightning-fast cartridge changes and feature a handy notch with an icon that tells you which type of cartridge is inside the device as there are three vaping material options. Each different type of material will instruct the device to operate differently to optimize the versatility of the Series 3.

v2 pro e liquid cart

The liquid cartridge comes included with your kit. It holds 1.6 ml of your favorite e-liquid which is 800 puffs, or 15-16 cigarettes. Filling the liquid cartridge is amazingly simple- you just unscrew the top, add your preferred e-liquid, put the top back on and slide it into the vaporizer. The intelligent device recognizes the type of cartridge you put it thanks to a microchip and the device behaves accordingly so just press the button and puff.  The V2 website sells several their own e-liquid in two sizes (25 ml or 50 ml) in 12 different flavors with five strengths between 0% and 2.4% to suit any style or mood.


Prefer to vape loose leaf? No problem because when you insert the loose leaf cartridge into the vaporizer it changes how the device actually works. When you press the button the device will heat up for 25-30 seconds and the indicator light on the bottom of the device will glow red. Once the light turns orange the heat has risen to 170 degrees Celsius and is almost ready. The light will then turn green and you’re ready to go. The loose leaf cartridge can be purchased on the V2 website


The third cartridge option is the essential oil cartridge for your essential oils and waxes and will be available winter 2014. Something to mention is that the cartridges are not interchangeable with the Series 7 or the Series 9.




The USB charging cable is included in your kit. It will plug into any USB port so if you’re on the computer, in the car or anywhere else with a USB port you’re all set. Just plug the USB port in and use the magnetic end to keep the charger attached to the device. The wall plug is available separately on the V2 website.


There is a convenient indicator light ring on the bottom of the device that will let you know the status of your charge. It will pulse red while charging and turn green when fully charged. The battery specs on this device are awesome. The input is 4.2v, capacity is 650mAh, and Cartridge Ohm of 2.9 and with some quick math and an average puff length of 3 seconds you should be able to get around 377 puffs in every full charge. Another one of the things that makes this vaporizer convenient is that you can vape while it is charging without any sacrifice to the quality of your smoke.


This is V2 Pro. Never compromise.


Purchasing Your First Electronic Cigarette

first electronic cigarette - where to begin? can't beat a good KR8 2-piece rechargeable kit

Are you wondering what all the hype is about with electronic cigarettes? If you are curious about trying an electronic cigarette for the first time, you will need to choose between a disposable e-cig or a rechargeable one (a starter kit like the great ones on offer from V2 Cigs – tip: grab a coupon code over here and save a bunch!).

For the new “vaper,” disposables are sometimes enough to discover whether or not the vaping lifestyle feels right. However, 99.99% of the time, e-cig users advance to a rechargeable-style e-cig rather quickly.




It’s Hard To Beat The Sensible Form and Function Mastered With the Latest MINI aka Cig-A-Like E-Cigs from V2 Cigs. The New EX Series offer the best performing, truly longer lasting cartridges and convenient 2-piece tech that is the new ecig user’s best friend (and some long time user’s ‘never leaves my pocket’ choice for vape anywhere perfection)


Keep in mind that both disposable- and rechargeable-style e-cigs are available in a seemingly endless array of brands, styles, sizes and types. The specific device you choose will depend on your personal preferences and your budget.

Disposable Electronic Cigarettes – OK but skip it if you can, its not the same experience no matter what it says

Many e-cig newbies begin with a disposable electronic cigarette because they happen to see one for sale while paying for gas at the local convenience store. Or perhaps they are hesitant to invest more than a few bucks on an electronic cigarette, at first, because they do not know if they will like it or not. Typically, a disposable electronic cigarette combines everything needed for vaping into one short-term, disposable device. This way, the user can simply open it up and start puffing on the e-cig immediately. There is no fussing-around with e-liquid or atomizers because the attached cartomizer is already pre-filled.

The life of a disposable electronic cigarette can be unpredictable and its longevity mainly depends on how much it is used and its particular brand. Generally, a disposable e-cig lasts about a day or two for a moderate user. As previously mentioned, most vaping newbies quickly graduate to a rechargeable e-cig once they begin to discover their love of vaping. Although, the initial investment of a disposable is less than that of most rechargeable-style e-cigs, the costs can add up rapidly if the user continues to purchase only disposables. Plus, disposable electronic cigarettes offer limited options for flavors and nicotine levels.


Best bet is a E-CIG Starter Kit, A CIGALIKE aka Mini like Smokeless Image, V2 Cigs or Smokestik is a totally Great Call for New Users

Best bet is a E-CIG Starter Kit, A CIGALIKE aka Mini like Smokeless Image, V2 Cigs or Smokestik is a totally Great Call for New Users

Rechargeable Electronic Cigarette – E-CIG Starter Kits

When you graduate to the rechargeable e-cig, you might find yourself becoming overwhelmed and confused by all the different options on the market. At first, many people transitioning from tobacco cigarettes to electronic cigarettes choose the mini-sized e-cig batteries because they are approximately the same size as regular cigarettes. If the electronic cigarette is being used as a way to quit smoking, a mini-sized battery will sometimes make the transition easier because it feels comfortable and familiar in the user’s hand.

In most cases, after using the mini batteries for a period of time, users start to desire an e-cig that offers more power and a longer battery life. The typical mini-sized e-cig battery lasts about two to three hours before it needs to be recharged. Larger electronic cigarette batteries can offer the user a much longer battery life, lasting anywhere from four hours to two days. The estimated life of an e-cig battery can be determined by looking at its mAh number, which stands for the milliampere hours of the battery.

The larger the number, the longer it will last. Mini-sized batteries usually have a life of around 280mAh, but larger batteries can have mAh ratings of up to 1300mAh, or even higher. An easy rule of thumb to remember is this:  100mAh = 1 hour of vaping (approximately). So, a battery rated at 280mAh will give the user about 2-3 hours of vaping time before it needs to be charged again.

When purchasing your first rechargeable electronic cigarette, do not get too hung up on advanced features like variable voltage or variable wattage. In time, you will understand the need for those features, but keep it simple in the beginning.

You will be amazed by how quickly you develop your own personal preferences with vaping equipment. You do not need to learn everything overnight, so take it slow and just enjoy your vape as you transition from being a lowly newbie to a more-knowledgeable intermediate vaper.


Worst E Cigs and E-Cigarette Scams to Avoid


The popularity of e cigarettes or e cigs is skyrocketing on the World Wide Web, which is not awful bearing in mind that they are far healthier than the harmful tobacco cigarettes. For all those who have a keen determination to quite tobacco, the advent of these devices is just like the birth of a savior. However, what if this savior becomes a threatener? Well, with the rise in popularity of these cigarettes, there has also been an increase in the number of scams and worst e cigarettes, both featuring false promises and unexpected losses. Let’s take a look at them to avoid falling into their trap forever!

E Cigarette Scams

It seems as if scams have become common in almost all spheres of businesses and services. 

On the surface, it appears that it is the scammer who is the real culprit. However, if you do an in-depth analysis, you will find that it is the ignorance of the customers who become the victim of such events while buying an e cig kit online. This is evident when the customer not even bothers to read the small print online at the time of purchasing. So, if you wish to remove scams from the root, it is advisable to first remove your ignorance from within by having a thorough knowledge of how scams occur.

Today, e cig scams exist in the form of unbelievable Free Trials that are highly persuading. However, they are the only ones to deceive particularly the novices. A majority of scams feature false promises in the form of 100% FDA-acceptance, 100% harmless claim that has no scientific backing yet, unproven health claims with no evidence, extra fees in small print that is not read, and 14-day refund policy that unknowingly begins from the day of order, instead of the day you get the product at your doorstep. Well, the policy itself is enough to trick you in case you do not like the e cig, as 14 days are gone easily due to which cancellation becomes invalid.

In most cases, e-mails about free trials are sent with attractive features such as free kit of $200, 100% free of risk (this is not possible because of nicotine), and 14-17 day refund policy. Most of the these cigs are actually not of high quality and within a week or fortnight, they start to show their real colors in the form of leakage, battery life over, and low vapor production. The real trick starts when the customer fails to read that fine print on the site at the time of buying.

Now, due to ill-functioning of the e cig when the customers want to return the product, more than 50% of the 14-day period has already gone. Then, the remaining days are spent in calling and mailing the company that is so shrewd to keep the waiting for a response. Finally, when the customers decide to send back the e cig, the 14-day period is finally fully over, rendering the return invalid for acceptance. In fact, the company assumes that the product is accepted by the customers and soon deducts the fees along with the refilling charges from the credit card account automatically. This is a common way of e cig scammers.

Such marketing gimmicks tend to be successful in persuading you to take up their low quality products at free rate. However, you later repent for buying a low quality e cig at a high price.

Worst E Cigs

There are many known companies in this list of 14-day trial SCAM, most of which are email spammers and frequent marketers. The worst part is that these companies are still active due to which the chance of a scam happening is always there. Some of the famous companies who are on this list are Prada, Direct, Regal, Smoke51, Saphire, Emerald Lux, XOCigs, and Life Vapor. Obviously, this list is incomplete but these are the most known brands to play tricks.

As a tip, if you are looking for a genuine e-cigarette kit, just make a resolution that you will fall into the trap of these free trial scams. This will always make you look for a reliable brand through thorough research.