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White Cloud E-Cig Review

With its white snowy plumes, this e-cig is a leading brand whose allure has enticed many a traditional smoker to give up tobacco and give vapor e-cigs a chance. Having been featured in widely-distributed publications like
Forbe, White Cloud e-cigarettes are demonstrating that they are a first-rate brand with much to offer in the way of a sumptuous vaping experience paired with delicious flavors and a reliable product.

If you’re considering an alternative to smoking or simply enjoy puffing e-cigarettes, this White Cloud e-cigarette review could just convince you to switch to this company—it doesn’t disappoint.

About the White Cloud Vapor Cig Brand

White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes is a Florida-based company that began to manufacture its acclaimed product in 2008. Its founders dove into the e-cig business after viewing them at a Las Vegas trade show. According to Forbe, each of the company’s founders enjoys vaping! While nicotine isn’t as healthy as eating an apple, it is what attracts many traditional smokers to e-cigs. While e-cigs offer nicotine, they do not burn, so they do not come with the health risks related to tar, smoke, and ash. While there are other up and coming e-cig brands on the market, White Cloud and its characteristic white puffs are a premier brand and their products have been featured by other major media outlets like CNBC.

Available Products

As one would expect from a leading e-cig brand, White Cloud offers various products including disposables (great for people who just want to give the brand a try), starter kits, e-cig cartridges, chargers, batteries, adapters, and a myriad of accessories. If you are new to the White Cloud product, consider a basic starter kit. The White Cloud website provides descriptions of their products, but the kits are an economical way to introduce yourself to the White Cloud experience if you’re ready to move beyond their disposable products.

White Cloud Batteries

Batteries like the White Cloud Cirrus 3 offer a long-lasting vaping experience, but are uniquely small—a hallmark trait of White Cloud batteries. This is one reason why traditional smokers feel more at home vaping a White Cloud Cirrus 3 e-cigarette; it simply feels similar in one’s hand to a tobacco cigarette. Consumers can purchase either white or brushed metal batteries depending on the look they prefer. Moreover, battery skins can also be purchased and are popular with fans of the brand. Of course, the batteries do their job optimally; that is, they charge for a long time and you’ll find that they offer more puffs between charging sessions than other leading brands of e-cigarettes.

Cartridges and Liquids

White Cloud offers ClearDraw technology with many of their cartridges that allows users to see just how much liquid is left for vaping! Traditional White Cloud e-cig cartridges are also offered. Consumers have a wide array of cartridges to choose from and flavors that truly rival any other brand’s. In fact, White Cloud has a top-notch selection of tobacco-related flavors that are unsurpassed. Traditional pipe smokers, for instance, might want to gravitate toward the Apache flavor for its boldness and its similar taste to old fashioned pipe tobacco. Do you like your tobacco flavor with a hint of rye whiskey and apple? Go for the Atlantic-Cut e-cig flavored cartridges. Regular and Bora Bora are other tobacco-flavored offerings from White Cloud.

Aside from tobacco flavors, White Cloud also boasts rich flavors like Menthol, Iced Berry, Snap (a mix of mint and chocolate—hello!), Zero K (zingy peppermint), Strawberry, Banana, Espresso, Chocolate, Cinnamon, Clove, and many more. Their cartridge offerings and flavors are top-notch.

Vapor Production

Users generally find that the vaping experience using White Cloud’s cartridges is extraordinary; from SmoothDraw to StealthDraw, vapers can choose a technology that suits the way they like to vape. Every vape on the cartridge results in a plume of white no matter the battery size. While not every e-cig feels like a traditional cigarette when it comes to the puffing experience, but White Cloud comes so close that it’s definitely got to be the best option for smokers who are trying to quit and looking for a satisfying near-alternative.

Pricing / Value for the Money

While White Cloud’s products are definitely price competitive with other leading brands on the market, consumers have opportunities to stretch their dollars when they sign up to receive the company’s emailer. Anyone on the mailing list will have the ability to receive a White Cloud e-cig discount and a White Cloud e-cig coupon code. When you employ the company’s special discount offers or coupon codes, you’ll find that this brand is tough to beat in term of value for a tremendous product.

Customer Service and Warranties

White Cloud offers a six-month warranty on its batteries, adaptors, and chargers. Additionally, they sell a two-year extended warranty that covers these items. Should a problem arise, any of these products can be quickly exchanged without hassle. The company has a solid customer support system, too. You can call of contact the company via telephone or email. Their extensive customer care portal is also worth checking out once you make your purchase. The site has lots of tips and helpful FAQs.

Pros and Cons

White Cloud has a slew of pros and almost no cons. Others have lamented that it would be great if the company offered more nicotine levels. However, they do offer several levels including nicotine-free. Of course, people that wish to reduce their nicotine level gradually will wish there were more options, but then, few leading brands offer that gradual gap between levels.

As for the pros of White Cloud’s e-cig experience—it’s a first-rate e-cig. For a consistently great vaping experience every time, this is the e-cig to choose. The e-cig feels like a cigarette and the puffing experience is similar to that of a traditional cigarette. White Cloud’s flavors are delicious and they offer more tobacco flavors than most other e-cig companies. Finally, batteries are excellent and allow more puffs than other e-cig brands. So, if you are looking for one of the best brands available, this e-cig provider is one of the leaders in the industry. Their e-cigs do not disappoint!


Vaping 101: 5 Solid Tips for Newbies

Vaping 101: 5 Solid Tips for Newbies

You've taken the plunge and decided to try electronic cigarettes with the hope of giving up smoking entirely. The good news is you're not alone. Every day more and more people are realizing how amazing electronic cigarettes are, and how much more they enjoy vaping than they ever enjoyed smoking. Even so, vaping is not for the faint of heart, and even if you received some excellent information from the nice man who sold you your brand new e-cig at the local vaping store, there is still a lot for you to learn. Today, we'll go over a few solid tips that will guide you as you begin this important transformation from smoker to vaper. 

Tip #1: Understand the benefits of vaping

This is probably the most important tip of all, because it's going to be what keeps you moving forward in your vaping journey. The benefits of vaping include:

. No toxic chemicals for you to inhale

. No tar for you to inhale

. No risk of second hand smoke exposure to you or to other people

. No nasty cigarette smell on you, your clothes or your hair

. A growing bank account because of all of the money you'll be saving

You'll want to keep these benefits in mind as you get started, as well as later on. Vaping can really revolutionize the way you have always felt about smoking, and every day more and more smokers are finding it to be a much more pleasurable alternative. 

Tip #2: Don't be afraid to step away from cig-a-likes

Many smokers are nervous about trying any type of electronic cigarette that doesn't look like a regular cigarette, or an analog, as most vapers refer to them. It's all a part of the growth process. However, don't be afraid to try something that just might be a little bit better. Most newbies find that they're not quite satisfied with the cig-a-likes, and they can easily get discouraged. More advanced electronic cigarettes produce much better flavor and vapor. Many vapers will pick up an eGo kit as their next step up from cig-a-likes, and they're amazed at the difference. You can purchase an eGo-style battery fairly inexpensively too. If it helps, keep some spare cig-a-likes around just in case you get a craving for holding an analog again. However, in time, those cravings will fade too. 

Tip #3: Do plenty of research

In the world of vaping, research is your friend. One of the most popular places to get information, as well as to ask questions about your setup is the E-Cigarette Forum, or ECF. It's become the most popular place on the Internet for finding out anything you could ever want to know about electronic cigarettes. The members are very helpful, and they're always eager to assist a newbie in distress. ECF is also a great place to get links to other types of information on the Internet that could be helpful to you. As a new vaper, you may not be completely aware of all of the negative information online surrounding electronic cigarettes. A quick visit to casaa.org will help you understand the details of the politics involved, and it will also answer a lot of your questions about electronic cigarette safety and health. 

Tip #4: Exercise patience

You're going to find out pretty quickly that vaping is very, very different from smoking a cigarette. Smoking is actually pretty easy, compared to vaping, because it's simple to just pull out a cigarette, light it, and puff away until it's finished. Vaping involves a little bit of tinkering, depending on the setup you're using. You will probably run into a few problems along the way, but if you're determined to find the solution, most issues can be resolved by you, right at home. Be sure to keep Tip #1 in mind, and regularly remind yourself of all of the benefits of vaping. It won't be long and your patience will really pay off, and you'll be vaping like a pro. 

Tip #5: Backups, backups, backups

One of the most common mistakes most newbies make when they're first starting out is to buy one battery and one clearomizer. They tell themselves that they're just going to "try it out" to see if they like it. More often than not, they end up liking it, but they neglect to buy backups. It's a terrible feeling when you're out on the town with your friends, enjoying a great vape, and your battery dies or your clearomizer starts to get a burnt taste. These things do happen, but if you're prepared you won't have any issues when they do. Also, it's not enough just to have one backup; most veteran vapers will tell you that it's a good idea to have at least three batteries, three tanks, and a handful of spare coils and wicks on hand. Just in case. 

If you follow all of these tips, you're going to be well on your way toward an excellent vaping journey that can serve you well for years to come. It doesn't matter if you took up vaping as a way to stop smoking and you plan to quit vaping eventually, or if you decide you want to take on vaping as a hobby. Either way, knowing the ins and outs will help you have the absolute best vaping experience you possibly can.


Cutting Through the Bull: Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe?

Being hailed as a miracle solution to the deadly scourge of tobacco products, electronic cigarettes are the source of an ever-increasing amount of sensationalism and malignant misinformation.

However, despite attempts at crippling the industry in its infancy, it shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, last year alone it generated over $2 billion as Americans said goodbye to cigarettes and hello to vaping, potentially extending their lives by decades. This begs the question: why would anyone other than big tobacco rally against the ultimate smoking cessation tool?

smoking is toxic and deadly - this we know - what do we know about e-cigarettes and these same worries. without the spin and bias please.

smoking is toxic and deadly - this we know - what do we know about e-cigarettes and these same worries. without the spin and bias please.

Understanding VAPING (and How Vapor Really Is NOT Just Some New Version Of Smoke) Is Crucial To Address The 'Are E-Cigs Safe' Issue

Unfortunately, the public remains largely ignorant about vaping and its mechanisms. First off, it's important to understand that absolutely no tobacco is consumed, and of course, no smoke is involved. Instead, nicotine is delivered through a propylene glycol vapor, which is produced by the heating of fluid covered coils, sparing the lungs from the over 3,000 chemicals found in a cigarette. Aside from nicotine, the E-Cig Liquid mixture usually contains only three main ingredients all of which are approved by the FDA for human consumption.

Here is A quick rundown of what I personally use - just the 3 common things that just about every vape liquid "mix-master" big or small does -  use to prepare their Liquid Nicotine Recipes:

  • Propylene Glycol, and/or Vegetable Glycerin
  • Purified / Pharmaceutical Grade Nicotine (which is diluted into the PG/VG base)
  • Flavouring (typically) - while not a single ingredient strictly; most e-juice suppliers (these days especially while being so highly scrutinized) go to great lengths to source only exceptional, quality flavor concentrates (some more than others make this their mission - check out the fantastic flavor-focused writing from the highly regarded AHLUSION E-Juice for lots of details)

Yes these three things are what make up the vast majority of e-liquid out there. But that doesn't mean there isn't anything out there to look out for - sticking with a reputable e-cig brand or better still, try one of the respected American E-Liquid suppliers (see our list of top e-liquid brands list). There has been a growing trend in 'smaller-batch' boutique e-liquid suppliers - it is a trend we've seen lots of recently and exploring juice blends from places like above-mentioned Ahlusion E-Juice, High Brow Vapor and Mt.

Although originally patented in the 1960s, modern electronic cigarettes were introduced to the Chinese market in 2004. Three years later, they were readily available to both U.S. and European consumers. The first incarnation of these devices was disposable, designed to mimic the look and feel of an analog cigarette, but the rapid growth of the industry lead to the consistent evolution of its products. Now, the vaping community trends towards tank devices, which resemble ball-point pens, are filled with flavorful juices and produce a much stronger hit.

A Question of Carcinogens - or Is It Really?

Like So Many of the recurring issues and points of contention raised by your avergae anti-ecig crusader (or journalist, whether helping to spin the story knowingly or just too rushed to do their homework) details, specific quantities and measured values are key. I mean you do know that Banana's are notably radioactive, right? Yes indeed that fabulous fact of pop-fruit trivial pursuit is correct - but as noted by this entry on Listverse: "you’d have to eat roughly 5,000,000 of the things to get anything near radiation sickness"

That's a lot of Bananas!

Similarly while it IS true that residual trace amounts of what are known technically as 'Tobacco-Specific Nitrosamines' - like the Nitrates you've likely been warned of at some point (and definitely have been exposed to, well, daily - kinda like that radioactivity bombarding you from all directions in sunlight). It's a pretty universally understood concept that much of the time the dangers posed by potentially toxins is less about the toxin in question than the quantity / intensity of exposure.

Talking about this issue on his excellent 'Ashtry Blog' out of the UK James Dunworth writes:

According to studies conducted, most e-cigarettes don’t even seem to contain nitrosamines. In a survey of 16 electronic cigarette studies, Cahn and Siegel (2011) found that just two studies detected trace levels of nitrosamines in the ingredients (but not the vapour) produced by electronic cigarettes. The maximum level of nitrosamines found were 8.2ng/g. Each ng is equal to one billionth of a gram, so the maximum concentration of nitrosamines found was 8.2 parts per billion or 8.2/1,000,000,000. That’s at similar level to approved nicotine patches, which weigh in at 8 parts per billion. These have not been linked to cancer. In contrast, Marlboro cigarettes contain levels of nitrosamines of 11,190 per billion. See more at: http://www.ecigarettedirect.co.uk/ashtray-blog/2013/02/nitrosamines-in-e-cigarettes-do-you-need-to-worry.html

E-Juice Is The Consumable Being Vaped With E-Cigs - That Means That It's This Stuff Being Researched (and too often unfairly maligned)

E-Juice Is The Consumable Being Vaped With E-Cigs - That Means That It's This Stuff Being Researched (and too often unfairly maligned)

The authors of the study mentioned above, Cahn and Siegel reported that the nitrosamines in electronic cigarettes were:

…orders of magnitude lower than TSNA levels in regular cigarettes…. electronic cigarettes contain only 0.07–0.2 per cent of the TSNAs present in cigarettes, a 500-fold to 1400-fold reduction in concentration.


The Anti E-Cig Crusader's Fighting Style Is Anything Goes

Ethics Are Nowhere In Sight As Extremely Underhanded and Manipulative Attempts At Warping The Truth To Extremes While Spoiling What Could Be Useful Medical Studies By Gaming Results


Every few months, you're likely to see a media outlet condemning electronic cigarettes. Typically, these stories revolve around the presence of formaldehyde in the vapor. While one study did find traces in 3 out of 10 products, levels were found to be up to 450 times lower than cigarette smoke. Two recent studies specifically focus on vaporizer pens, claiming the devices produce just as much formaldehyde as a Marlboro. Although that may sound alarming, a little investigation quickly discredits these findings.

For starters, it's important to note that the main study, conducted by Dr. Maciej L. Goniewicz, was funded by Pfizer, the manufacturer of smoking cessation product Chantix. As if that bias wasn't enough, the experiment involved severely overheating the fluid, something a normal user would never do. The study cites the act of "dripping", which is dripping fluid directly onto the heating mechanism, as significantly increasing carcinogens. Unfortunately, researchers conducted these experiment at unrealistic temperatures, allowing the devices to continue to burn after the fluid was consumed.

At best, these studies are illogical and inconclusive. At worst, they are biased and intentionally misleading.


From the very beginning, the FDA has been confrontational to e-cig companies. Truth be told, the industry has grown so rapidly that the organization is struggling to keep up. First proposing a complete ban in 2009, the effort to criminalize them outright was thwarted by the courts. This time, they are filing to regulate them as tobacco products, despite the fact they contain zero tobacco. The legal justification given for this is that the nicotine used stems from tobacco. However, the same can be said of nicotine patches, gum and lozenges. Yet, they are classified as pharmaceuticals. The reasoning for this is very simple: the FDA is salivating at the thought of regulating and taxing these life saving devices.

Targeting Children?

Another common complaint heard by the opposition is that the flavorful nicotine liquids are meant to intentionally target children. Usually, a study is cited that finds 6.5% of American adolescents have tried electronic cigarettes. What these activists fail to mention is that the majority of these underage respondents were already smoking cigarettes on a regular basis. Also, it takes logical gymnastics to assume only minors enjoy fruity flavors. At the heart of these smear campaigns is a severe lack of empathy. In their holier than thou pretentiousness, anti-tobacco crusaders are doing their very best to deprive smokers of a viable, less deadly alternative

Nicotine Fallacy

Mistakenly, many people assume nicotine is a source of cancer and ill health. While it is extremely addicting, it proves to be no worse for you than caffeine if used responsibly. It certainly isn't a carcinogen, and no concrete study has been able to establish anything other than minimal cardiovascular risk. In fact, numerous benefits have been attributed to the stimulant. From increased alertness and appetite suppression to reducing chances of developing Parkinsons, the potential benefits are ample. That said, the next generation of electronic cigarettes are raising some warranted concerns over the liquid nicotine used to fill them. While the devices are well on their way to being regulated by the FDA, the liquid nicotine extract has little oversight. 

Coming in all sorts of fruity flavors, very real dangers are posed to children and other mentally incompetent beings. In 2013, over 1,351 Americans called poison control centers due to e-liquid mishandling. Tragically, cases of children under the age of four mistaking the substance for candy are increasing, and needless to say, careless adults will always exist. Be that as it may, it's unreasonable to blame the product itself for bad parenting and idiocy. After all, nobody is proposing a ban on bleach because mentally unstable individuals tend to chug it when they are feeling down. Still, even e-cig companies support warning labels and proper education.


Is vaping completely safe? Too early to tell, but likely not. Then again, the processed food and sugar consumers shove down their throats aren't exactly safe either. Regardless, one truth remains abundantly clear: cigarettes claim over 80 million lives worldwide annually. No medical expert in their right mind will argue that electronic cigarettes even come close to matching that kind of overwhelming lethality. 


JAMA Network | JAMA Pediatrics | Electronic Cigarettes and Conventional Cigarette Use Among US Adolescents: Â A Cross-sectional Study. (n.d.). Retrieved from http://archpedi.jamanetwork.com/article.aspx?articleid=1840772 

The New York Times. (n.d.). Retrieved from http://www.nytimes.com/2014/05/04/business/some-e-cigarettes-deliver-a-puff-of-carcinogens.html?_r=0

The Rest of the Story: Tobacco News Analysis and Commentary: Conclusion of New Glantz Study on Electronic Cigarettes is Junk Science. (n.d.). Retrieved from http://tobaccoanalysis.blogspot.com/2014/03/conclusion-of-new-glantz-study-on.html

U.S. teens' e-cigarette use associated with smoking: study| Reuters. (n.d.). Retrieved from http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/03/06/us-ecigs-smoking-study-idUSBREA251JX20140306

Those Evil Nitrosamines (Anti-THR Lies Blog)

Are Electronic Cigarettes Dangerous – The Shocking Truth Diethylene Glycol in Electronic Cigarettes – What They Never Told You

- See more at: http://www.ecigarettedirect.co.uk/ashtray-blog/2013/02/nitrosamines-in-e-cigarettes-do-you-need-to-worry.html#sthash.VKSVaWXH.dpuf


E-Cig Buyers Increasingly Skipping The Cig-a-Like Opting For Vaporizer Out Of The Gate

v2 pro new vaporizer 3 in 1

The Trend Towards PVs (Personal or Portable Vaporizers) Has Many Potential Implications For The ECIG Market As A Whole (and The Cigalike / Disposable Dominated Business Plans of Big Tobacco, Who Own A Majority of The Marketshare Officially Now)

Many Moving To APV Advanced Personal Vaporizers and Vape Pens - Like Apollo VV Tube Pictured Above

Many Moving To APV Advanced Personal Vaporizers and Vape Pens - Like Apollo VV Tube Pictured Above

As the ban in traditional cigarettes throughout the majority of the country has pushed into restaurants, parks and other public places, individuals looking to still obtain their nicotine intake but not feel like second class citizens were forced to look elsewhere for a delivery method.


For others, simply opting out of the smell traditional smokes provide or the chemicals found inside of the major tobacco company cigarettes proved important enough to look for another way to enjoy nicotine.

Out of all of this need for a different product, vaporizers started to appear.

These particular products use a vapor based delivery method for providing people such as yourself the ability to enjoy smoking, without actually producing any of the smoke. The vapor, which dissolves quickly in the air, does not have a lingering affect, so whether inside of a restaurant or out in a public area, it does not affect anyone around them and it does not cause any sort of second hand side effects. However, while several different products have come about due to the push for vapor based devices, the Vape Pen stands tall and has outpaced all other cigalike e-cigs at a growing rate.


Appearance is Key - Cig-A-Likes Ain't Called That For Nothing

There is a negative stigma around cigarettes and even those people who regularly smoke a cig. Enough research is available to point out all of the negative aspects of smoking such a product, as most tobacco companies do not use just traditional tobacco but also coat the products with other chemicals designed to make it that much more addicting.

Beyond this, the ingestion of smoke directly into the lugs (especially smoke with tar and other material) coats the lungs and can cause serious health problems because of it. Due to this, the simple appearance of a cigarette can make other people around the person feel uncomfortable. This is a major reason why the Vape Pen has increased in sales while cigalike e-cigs have stumbled.

Mini E-cigs (aka CIGALIKES) look exactly like a traditional cigarette, and while it delivers the nicotine to the body through a vapor, the appearance inside of a restaurant or other public is off putting. People who do not know any better might complain about the person smoking a cigarette inside of the restaurant, even though they do not smell the smoke or feel the lingering effects.

This can cause the smoker an increase in harassment, which they simply do not want to deal with. The Vape Pen helps avoid this problem. With the Vape Pen, the delivery method looks nothing like a cigarette so there is no confusing it for one. It is easy to identify as a vaporizer, which in turn makes it easier someone such as yourself to enjoy the product.

Vaping Refills Made Flexible and Affordable


With the Vape Pen, you do not need to worry about continually going out and purchasing expensive replacement e-cigs. While an e-cig is able to last longer than a regular cig, you eventually have to replace it and purchase new products. However, with the Vape Pen, all you have to do is recharge it. You can change out the flavor of the vapor, should you decide to do this, but ultimately, you can always use the exact same product. Because of this, the Vape Pen is designed to last and is constructed for the long haul. By using more solid material, it can fit into your pocket or purse and you don't have to worry about breaking it. This way, if you need a smoke break and don't want to deal with refilling an e-cig, the Vape Pen is able to do this, which is just another reason why it is outpacing the other cigalike products on the market.



fda vs ecigs a case of over eager regulatory intent

Thanks to their convenience and possible health advantages, e-cigarettes have caught the American public's imagination. With more and more venues banning smoking and an ever-growing mountain of evidence linking an increasing number of deadly diseases and life-limiting conditions to conventional tobacco use, a viable alternative to cigarettes was bound to excite interest.

Many US consumers see in e-cigarettes a real opportunity to wean themselves off an addiction to tobacco.

Gums, patches and NRT candies containing nicotine were once celebrated as an infallible solution for the would-be quitter but have never lived up to their promise. This is at least partly because they don't provide users with anything to replace the physical rituals around smoking. Some have found nicotine inhalers useful. These devices have their own drawbacks, however. Few would claim they offer a convincing replacement for the experience of smoking a cigarette.

This is one of several reasons that e-cigarettes have been enjoying a steady increase in popularity. In the early part of the decade, e-cigarette use grew by around 7.5 percent in a single year. Why, then, are e-cigarettes still regarded as controversial?

Some suggest that the answer lies with the US Food and Drug Administration. In 2009 the FDA held a press conference on the subject of e-cigarettes, deploring their growing use. During this press conference, the FDA claimed that toxic and carcinogenic material had been found in some cartridges. They also revealed that some cartridges that were sold as nicotine-free were found to contain nicotine. The agency also placed some emphasis on the fact that e-cigarettes are largely untested. Based on these and other criticisms, the FDA sought to place restrictions on the import of e-cigarettes and their sale in the US.

FDA vs ECIGS and champix - an illuminating comparison Not everyone was convinced by the FDA's arguments, however.

Some critics — not only e-cigarette users and manufacturers but less biased parties — saw the FDA's stance on e-cigarettes as being founded on weak science. While acknowledging that traces of toxic substances have occasionally been found in isolated cartridges, the actual levels found have been very low. Better checks on imported cartridges, argue proponents of e-cigarettes, would effectively take care of this problem without a ban.

There's also the matter of the "smoke juice" used in e-cigarettes.

This is the e-cigarette liquid which is heated to produce the vapor users inhale instead of smoke. Typically, it is propylene glycol — a substance which can cause cancer. That said, propylene glycol is only dangerous above certain dosages and it's very possible that the amounts inhaled when "smoking" an e-cigarette would be far too small to be a real risk. Propylene glycol is already approved for many everyday uses: you can find it not just in paints and detergents but in toiletries and even makeup.

CASAA - CASAA.ORG is the best go to source for updates on the latest local and national government  or FDA regulation updates and action calls

CASAA - CASAA.ORG is the best go to source for updates on the latest local and national government or FDA regulation updates and action calls

E-cigarettes are a recent development, meaning that the FDA's criticism of them as "untested" is quite valid.

We can't yet say with absolute certainty that such a new device would cause harm to users in the future. On the other hand, e-cigarettes are largely being used in place of conventional tobacco cigarettes. Regular cigarettes pose very real dangers to those who use them, dangers that have been amply demonstrated. To some, the nebulous and entirely theoretical harm postulated by opponents of e-cigarettes seems like less of concern.

An FDA block on the importation of e-cigarettes in 2009 was thwarted by a successful lawsuit against the agency. According to a New York Times article about the case, the resulting injunction forced the FDA to back down until they could find more solid evidence that e-cigarettes pose a credible health risk.

Since the FDA's press conference in 2009, more recent studies seem to have overturned the information they relied upon in criticizing e-cigarettes. The debate still rages; but as evidence mounts that electronic cigarettes are a healthier alternative to conventional tobacco, it seems likely that e-cigarettes are here to stay.


V2 E-Cig Review

v2 cigs review - main 2014 summer august updated v2 ex top rated recommendation

V2 Cigs: A Review of America's Number One Selling Electronic Cigarette Brand

v2cigs brand vapor cigarettes review

If you are interested in trying out a high quality electronic cigarette, look no further than V2 Cigs. Even though it has only been a few years since its launch, V2 Cigs has quickly become a well-trusted brand and continues to be a forerunner in the e-cigarette world.

V2 Cigs is the Highest-Rated E-Cigarette Brand in 2014


Taking into consideration the issues this brand had at its inception, V2 Cigs’ meteoric rise is nothing short of impressive. In its initial stages, the brand had to overcome supply chain problems that resulted in order delays. To make matters worse, the e-commerce site was not user friendly. Since the correction of these issues, the company now runs smoothly and has become a leader in the electronic cigarette industry due to its technological innovations and stellar customer service.

If you want to see proof of just how popular this brand is, research its Alexa ranking at Alexa.com. Alexa is a well-known authority on online statistics and has ranked V2 Cigs as American’s top electronic cigarette company. We are not suggesting that being the biggest company equates to producing the best products. In certain situations, this is not the case. Some businesses suffer from deterioration in the product quality the larger they become.

Now, there are exceptions to this pattern. Some corporations get better as they grow. Upon opening the V2 Cigs new Ultimate Starter Kit, you will release that V2 Cigs represents this exception. Everything from the product itself to the packaging details demonstrates quality.

There really are not any complex reasons as to why VS Cigs is the number one electronic cigarette brand.

The brand gives e-cigarette smokers what they want. Most of the people that smoke electronic cigarettes are looking for a product that can alleviate their cravings by providing a good substitute for tobacco cigarettes. They want a product that can help them make the switch permanently. Despite the vast array of e-cigs on the market, many of them fail to achieve this simple task. Brands like NJOY, Blue Cigs and Green Smoke seem to be more interested in the marketing of their products than improving them. V2 Cigs is concerned with what is important, their products.

the anatomy of a v2 electronic cigarette is very simple

the anatomy of a v2 electronic cigarette is very simple

Why are V2 Cigs Popular?

The quality of the products is why V2 Cigs is and will remain a highly-popular electronic cigarette company. This company does not settle for producing an “ok” product. V2 Cigs is constantly researching and developing ways to improve on their cigarettes. But their commitment does not stop there. The need to improve their product line extends to accessories. The accessories are top of the line. V2 Cigs also has a line of quality e-liquids and an array of starter kits to suit the needs of every e-cig user. It also does not hurt that his company provides excellent customer service.

V2 Cigs is Number 1 in Product Quality

Companies do not become a leader in the industry by producing inferior quality products. Superior quality is the key to V2 Cigs success. The brand delivers nothing short of the best technology, high-quality production requirements and a pleasant user experience. It was always a goal of V2 e-cigarettes to give their customers a pleasant user experience. Because of this goal, V2 electronic cigarettes is constantly evolving and improving.

V2 Cigs Has Unmatched Quality

If you have tried V2 Cigs e-cigarettes, this is not news. The other brands do not offer the same level of quality. No other company has made a product that is easier to use, is satisfying and delivers a great performance. To top it off, the products do all of this at a low price. Other e-cigarette brands spend a lot of money on marketing campaigns and getting their brand recognized. Unfortunately, research and development are often an afterthought. Unlike V2 Cigs, these brands are still using technology that is outdated. While V2 Cigs is constantly achieving higher standards, the other brands are using three and four year old technology.

V2 Focuses on Creating a Great Product and the People that Use It

Despite the increase in popularity and awareness of e-cigarettes, they are still a new product to many. People that are new to electronic cigarettes may need to adjust to the experience. New users will also notice that it takes some time to get used to smoking. Being able to contact customer support and speak with staff that is friendly and knowledgeable can mean a lot. Customer service is an important part of building a great brand.

Unfortunately, too many e-cig companies neglect this aspect of building their business. Customers should be able to contact a business’s customer service department to voice any questions and concerns. Customer service should also extend to the ordering process whether it is in regards to shipping, professional-looking packaging and easily understood instructions and safety guidelines. Other brands may view these aspects of business as unimportant. For V2 Cigs, recognizing the importance of customer service is why they are an industry leader.

V2 Cigs Gives Their Customers Options

V2 Cigs gives you the opportunity to choose the length and style of their batteries. The shorty is 100 mm, the long is 140 mm and falling in the middle is the standard length at 110 mm. Purchasers can choose between automatic and manual batteries in each size. Automatic batteries are more convenient and produce vapor when inhaled. Manual batteries require pressing a button to create vapor.

Some users think the vapor is thicker using a manual battery. It really is a matter of personal choice. V2 Cigs allows their customers to make choices, unlike their competitors. The cost of the short V2 battery starts at $20.00. The long battery is $30.00. Compared to the other brands, the prices are low. The inexpensive pricing combined with V2 Cigs’ high quality makes this brand a must buy.


An In Depth Review of V2 Cigs’ Products

V2 Cigs is one of the most popular brands of e-cigarettes. They have a reputation of using the latest technology and having competitive pricing. Every e-cigarette company states that they are the best, but V2 Cigs is the best. Internet statistics firm Alexa ranks V2 Cigs as the number one electronic cigarette brand. Why is V2 Cigs the most popular brand of electronic cigarette? It is really simple, V2 Cigs provide everything that someone who is attempting to stop smoking needs to achieve their goals. V2 Cigs delivers results that will help former tobacco smokers live a healthier life. Also, V2 Cigs are reasonably priced.

The 2014 V2Cigs.com Updates

V2 Cigs have an excellent assortment of e-cigarette starter kits. These kits come with refillable, nicotine cartridges that are available in a several flavors. They also have a line of e-liquids. One of the brand’s newest improvements is the 4.2 volt battery. This battery is the best e-cigarette battery on the market.
The newest updates, along with their great prices and product upgrades, are what have given V2 Cigs their fame. V2 Cigs have grown so much as a company, it has partnered with UPS. The widely-known reputation of V2 Cigs is what led to this partnership. Previously, only the US Postal Service delivered V2 Cigs cigarettes. This meant that this would be a prolonged wait for customers to receive their products. The customer service record of V2 Cigs will be discussed later.

V2 Cigs’ Starter Kits are the Best on the Market

Let’s take a look at V2 Cigs e-cigarette starter kit line. When deciding on an electronic cigarette company, it is important to take into consideration the quality of its starter kits. The quality of a company’s e-cigarette starter kits can tell you a lot about the company. Here are a few things that will determine the starter kit’s quality. Look at the kit’s pricing, what is included in the kit and the quality of the kit’s contents. Some companies will just purchase batteries, cartridges and chargers from another company and throw them in a box. These “kits” are then sold at an overinflated price. If you compare kits from several companies, you will notice that they are the same. The only thing that makes these kits stand out is the logo on the packaging.
Let’s look at V2’s range of starter kits. They truly stand out. First, the products are made in America. The contents of the kits are made in accordance to V2 Cigs’ high quality specifications and style. This fact is what puts V2 Cigs in a category by itself and the reason why their starter kits are amazing. What are the components of V2 Cigs’ starter kits? The cigarettes do use common e-cig components. They cigarettes are comprised of e-liquids, cartridges and a battery.
The basic starter kit contains a battery, charger and a few cartridges. What sets V2 apart is the fact that the company offers several options for their starter kits. Regardless of the type of starter kit, they are all made using V2 Cigs’ innovative technology. The battery’s matte finish makes these e-cigarettes noticeable. The stylish finish and comfort gives these kits a quality look and feel.

The cartridges are also something that is worth mentioning. They are designed to give the smoker the least amount of resistance. In a nutshell, you are guaranteed a quality product when you purchase a V2 electronic cigarette starter kit. You will enjoy the wonderful flavors and excellent cigarette quality. V2 Cigs provides their customers with both variety and quality.
When I first made the decision to try electronic cigarettes, I just happened to find v2cigs.com. It seemed like a good brand to try and I was highly impressed after the first use. The kits start at $29.99 and can cost $189.95 at its highest price. There is a kit available for every person’s budget. The higher the price point, the more features that are included in the kit. The more expensive kits will have extra flavor cartridges, extra batteries, a portable charging case or a car charger. Here is a guide to the various starter kits and what they include.

v2 cigs ultimate starter kit is one of the best kits
V2 Cigs Beginner Kit:

This kit is one of the best low-priced electronic cigarette options. The kit is $25.98, making one of the least expensive and best-quality starter kits available. The kit includes all of the basic essentials. It comes with a single battery, one flavor cartridge and a USB charger. One of the best parts of the kits is the fact that it allows users to figure out what they would like when they make their next purchase. The kit also allows you to buy more flavor cartridges when you have finished with your first one. At $25, you will not find a better kit or a lower price. It may be a good idea to order a flavor cartridge five pack. Even though the cartridges last for a long time, it is good have more on hand.

V2 Cigs Economy Kit:

You will love you new V2 Cigs starter kit and at $59.99 this kit is a decent upgrade from the express kit. It is also a tremendous value, considering it is complete e-cigarette kit. This kit comes with a wall charger and a USB charger. The kit also includes a battery and a ten pack of flavor cartridges. This favor pack is ideal for someone that is getting acquainted with electronic cigarettes.
The V2 Notebook E-Cig:

For under $30.00, this starter kit is a great value. The main difference between this kit and the Express Kit is the fact that this cigarette is USB powered. It uses the computer to get its electricity. There are several benefits to using this type of electric cigarette. The battery will never run low on power. Because the voltage consistently remains high, the vapor will not lose its strength. On the other hand, the cigarette cannot be taken places. One solution to this issue is to travel with a laptop or other portable USB charging device. The Notebook E-Cig also comes with a five pack of flavors. Purchasers do have customization options as they can choose the flavors they would like to try. If you are a person that appreciates portability, for $19.95 you can get an individual V2 battery.
V2 starter kits all come with batteries and a flavor cartridge. For a little more money, you can purchase a kit that will include everything you need. These starter kits are great for people who do not want to spend a lot of money or are trying out the product. V2 Cigs has five starter kits, but we are going to discuss the lowest-priced and highest-priced options. If you want to find out more about the other starter kits, feel free to visit www.V2cigs.com.
These next two starter kits are at the higher end of the pricing spectrum and include everything an electronic cigarette smoker may need. The V2 Cigs Economy Kit is one of the best priced, complete electronic cigarette starter kits. The V2 Cigs Ultimate Kit is the most expensive package that V2 Cigs has to offer.
The V2 Cigs Ultimate Kit:

The V2 Cigs Ultimate Kit is the company’s premier starter kit. It truly includes everything you could need if you are starting to smoke electronic cigarettes. To make it even better, this kit is truly a bargain. It comes with a choice of three batteries. To make it even better, you get to choose from manual or automatic batteries and the length you would like. The kit also includes a five pack of flavor cartridges. If you buy this kit, you get to choose the strength and flavor of the cartridges. Also, it comes with two cases. One case is for charging, the other is a carrying case. As stated earlier, this kit includes everything. You will not have to worry about charging your cigarette; it comes with a car adapter and V2 charger kit. The kit also comes with the USB powered V2 Power Cig. When you consider the cost of this kit to the cost of two cartons of cigarettes, you will definitely appreciate the value.

Everything You Should Know About V2 Cigs Battery

The battery is a critical component of an electric cigarette. V2 Cigs has improved upon their battery. The new, smaller batteries for their electronic cigarettes have an output of 4.2 volts. The new and improved batteries are the most powerful e-cigarette batteries on the market.

The new battery style is based on the KR808D-1 style of battery. This cigarette battery style is found in many brands of e-cigarettes. V2 Cigs did not just use the KR808D-1 battery style, they improved it.

The battery now has a sleek, matte finish. Other cigarette brands have a harsh, metallic appearance. You will find that the upgraded battery is easy to hold and is more comfortable than other brands. The new finishes make V2 cigarettes look sophisticated. The feature that smokers will greatly appreciate is the battery’s lifespan.

The typical e-cig battery does not last long and lacks power. The V2 Cig battery lets you puff away throughout the day without a noticeable decrease in the quality of the vapor.


The E-Cig Cartridges Are Little Wonders From V2 Cigs

Every electronic cigarette company has prefilled nicotine cartridges, or cartomizers. V2 Cigs’ stand out because their cartridges come in a variety of flavors and the pricing is lower than their competitors. Speaking of flavors, the ones offered by V2 Cigs are superb. The company does not have the largest selection of flavors, but it has the best tasting ones. V2’s e-liquid comes in three categories: Specialty, Rich Tobacco and Cool Menthol. Here is the breakdown of the three categories and what they include:

  • The Specialty Flavors: Vanilla, V2 Cola, Coffee, Chocolate and Cherry
  • Rich Tobacco Flavor: Congress, V2 Red, and Sahara
  • Cool Menthol: Menthol, Cool Menthol and Peppermint

Cost Comparison: How Does V2 Cigs Stack Up Against the Other Brands
I am a fan of the specialty flavors more than the menthol or tobacco ones. I also like the fact that this brand gives you the ability to switch between flavors. So far I have tried the V2 Red, V2 Cola, Coffee and Vanilla flavored e-liquids. I cannot say anything bad about them because I loved them all. The flavors were strong and enjoyable. I strongly encourage you to try all of the flavors. Since they are V2 Cigs flavors, they are guaranteed to be good.
While the flavor selection is limited, the flavors are strong. You will not be disappointed with the taste of cost. V2 cartridges are only $1.69 per cartridge. On their website, there is a chart that lets you compare the cost of V2 Cigs’ cartridges to other e-cigarette brands. Here is the pricing guide for V2 Cigs cartridges.

  1. 5 pack= $12.99
  2. 20 pack= $44.95
  3. 40 pack=$66.47
  4. 80 pack=$129.95
  5. 100 pack=$225

Compared to other e-cig companies, these prices are great. Currently, V2 Cigs has a special edition flavor, Passion Fruit. This flavor is available in a 5 pack for $9.99. If you do not want to be bothered with refilling your cartridges, consider purchasing pre-filled nicotine cartridges. Try the new e-liquids. The e-liquids are one of V2 Cigs newer products. E-liquids are not only flavorful; they are a great way to save money.

v2 e cigs have been innovators leading the market for the last several years

v2 e cigs have been innovators leading the market for the last several years

V2 Cigs Coupons Can Help You Spend Less on V2 Cigs Starter Kits and Accessories

V2 Cigs is one the most popular and most effective electronic cigarettes companies for people who trying to quit smoking. While the e-cigarettes are a great price, you can get them for an even better price by using our V2 Cigs coupon. This coupon can help you save money on all of V2’s accessories and starter kits. If you are looking an e-cigarette brand that has a trustworthy reputation, V2 Cigs is the brand to use. Here are three reasons the V2 cigarettes is considered to be a reputable company.

1. V2 Cigs is the creation of a team of experts, all former smokers, with a goal to create an electronic alternative that is close to the real thing.
2. The company gives customers a choice of options that includes flavors, accessories and starter kit.
3. The cigarettes closely resemble the touch and appearance of real cigarettes without the health risks.


The Impact of V2 Cigs on the Electronic Cigarettes Marketplace

It only took a few years for electronic cigarettes to become a highly popular consumer product. The health dangers associated with tobacco cigarettes are well-known. Tobacco cigarettes are full of carcinogens and other substances that are can be fatal.

  • Tobacco cigarettes are also harmful to the environment. Electronic cigarettes do not damage the environment.
  • E-cigarettes do not release horrible smelling smoke or ashes.
  • Also, a person in the area of a person that is smoking an e-cig does not need to worry about the effects of second hand smoke.

If you choose to use a V2 e-cig, you will notice that this cigarette has a strong vapor and excellent performance. V2 customers know that when they are smoking a V2 cigarette they are smoking excellence and quality. It really should not be shocking to know that V2 cigs are the leading e-cigarette brand. Here are the ways V2 Cigs outshines the competition:

1. The e-liquids are unmatched and are formulated to produce a thick vapor throughout the course of its use.
2. Every flavor cartridge, atomizer and cartomizer are thoroughly tested to make sure it meets the superior quality level and performance that V2 Cigs customers appreciate.
3. Every product is produced in V2 Cigs own factories.

V2 Cigs Coupons Can Help You Enjoy V2 Cigs at An Affordable Price

Using coupon codes will help you get V2 Cigs already economically priced e-cigarettes at even better prices. If that does not make e-cigarettes attractive, consider this fact. Tobacco cigarette cartons are becoming increasingly expensive. With the coupons, e-cigarettes are a much more economical option than regular cigarettes. V2 Cigs are the first step in moving towards a healthier, tobacco-free lifestyle. Using a V2 Cigs coupon will help make this transition more economical. If you are seeking a change from traditional cigarettes or want to change your brand of electronic cigarettes, take advantage of huge savings by using these coupons. Coupon Code EVAPE20 will help you get a discount on your next purchase.

the new V2 Cigs EX Line of Vaporizer Cig Alternatives Offer The Best Performance EVER

the new V2 Cigs EX Line of Vaporizer Cig Alternatives Offer The Best Performance EVER Seen In a Mini E-Cig (aka CIGALIKE) - and you can get a solid 15% Discount When You Opt To Get One Of The New Starter Kits!

V2 Cigs Review Summary

V2 Cigs is a head of every other e-cigarette manufacturer. They are always researching and developing ways to make their products more innovative. This need to improve is the reason that V2 Cigs is the number one electronic cigarette brand in the country.

The company recently re-launched its website V2Cigs.com and introduced a number of updates. The new updates make ordering easier and more efficient. The improved website also allows customers to customize their V2 starter kits.

V2 Cigs is the leader in e-cigarettes. The company puts providing a quality product and the desires of the customers first. These cigarettes are known for being convenient to use, a great price and performs excellently. A strong selling point for the V2 Cigs is the fact that they are effective in helping tobacco smokers get rid of their habit. The strong vapor produced by the cigarettes is superior to the vapor produced by other brands.

v2 e cig award winner


V2 Cigs vapor makes it easier for smokers to rely on this brand as an effective alternative to tobacco cigarettes.
Do not forget about this company’s outstanding customer service. Customer service is one of those forgotten aspects of business. If you have dealt with other electronic cigarettes companies, you have probably picked up on that. V2 Cigs believes that good customer service is as important as having a good product.

Customer service is important because some customers may be trying electronic cigarettes for the first time. Some customers may require assistance and should be able to speak with a knowledgeable customer service representative.

V2 Cigs has trained and knowledgeable staff that are able to answer any questions. They can be contacted by email, phone and using their website’s online chat feature. The customer service representatives are more than happy to assist.

the best v2 cigs coupon codes in 2014
This brand is one that we are proud to recommend. As a matter of fact, we list it at the top of our list of recommended e-cig brands. If you need more reasons to consider buying this e-cigarette brand, here are a few. V2 Cigs offers a 30-day money back guarantee, should it be necessary.

What is even more incredible is the fact that this brand offers a lifetime warranty on the e-cigs electronic components. In other words, there is a lifetime warranty on everything but the cartridges. Taking all of this into consideration, it is pretty obvious why this cigarette brand is our top choice for 2014. When you purchase this product, you can feel confident in knowing that this brand is one that is respected and known for quality.

But do not take our word for it; thousands of customers also speak highly of V2 Cigs.



Some quick pointers on e-cigarettes


While there is lots of information about electronic cigarettes on the Internet, there are still some glaring issues that people aren’t really clear on. Many young people in particular who may have found that they have started smoking tobacco cigarettes as part of their misspent youth, will now be looking towards electronic cigarettes to try and find an alternative.

However, there is a big gulf of knowledge that people suffer from. This article will look at some key areas of misunderstanding around electronic cigarettes, and may even calm some fears and doubts among people who may potentially be open to trying them.


  1. One big area of misunderstanding is cost savings. Conventional cigarettes are now more expensive than they have ever been, and electronic cigarettes are a great alternative for this reason. They are potentially much less expensive than conventional cigarettes, but the cost can soar a little bit if you spend a lot of money on the paraphernalia that comes along with the electronic cigarettes. For example, there are plenty of kits and other paraphernalia around electronic cigarettes that people choose to buy because it is part of the whole culture. These can be costly, so watch out.
  1. Another area of misunderstanding is the concept of being able to quit nicotine and smoking in general with electronic cigarettes. Currently, the US government is looking at labelling electronic cigarettes, potentially, as a medical aid. Until a resolution comes into place there, the jury is out. However, a number of studies have shown that smokers in general may be able to reduce the amount of nicotine they take into their bodies, and most definitely switch over to electronic cigarettes and still find an enjoyable solution to their addiction.
  2. One recent online survey found that 70% of people who were previously smokers had used electronic cigarettes and had gone on to quit, the study also looked at how electronic cigarettes were proving to be less addictive in nature than conventional cigarettes. Other studies have found that around half of committed smokers were definitely able to reduce their tobacco intake or stop it all together once they had tried some electronic cigarette devices.
  1. People are also concerned about where they can use electronic cigarettes. Airlines obviously are one place where you can't whip it out and have a vape, but you'll be surprised how many establishments and places that are public allow for electronic cigarette usage. They are becoming more popular, and also more socially acceptable. If you enter an establishment be sure to ask first though.


Those are some areas in which there is still some lack of understanding around the issue of electronic cigarettes.

We will continue to look at these areas as we go on, but the movement, as it were, is growing steadily. These things are becoming more acceptable and also preferred compared to conventional tobacco cigarettes. This is a good thing, because as we all know, conventional cigarettes cause rather nasty diseases. Electronic cigarettes are hundreds of times safer.



v2 pro vape pens are the best new release so far this summer

V2 PRO VAPORIZER A New 3 in 1 Entrant with Lots To Love

Your Series 3 Kit comes with one vaporizing device, one magnetic USB charging cord and one liquid cartridge.

V2 designed the Series 3 with adaptability in mind. The way we smoke is changing and V2 has risen to the challenge by creating a dynamic, affordable smoking experience with the V2 Series 3. While so many other portable vaporizers on the market look clunky or out of place, the Series 3 was designed to be sleek and modern.

It has a solid body and the cartridges sit flush inside the device- even the charger adds to the streamlined appearance thanks to the magnetic closer on the bottom of the device. Other than aesthetics this means that the Series 3 will not get caught on your pocket or bag when you slip it in and adds stability to the structure of the body.

V2 has made a device that is smooth, intuitive, attractive and extremely portable with a length of 5.63 inches and a diameter of 0.59 inches- roughly the length of a pen. The smart base unit has changeable cartridges that will vape a variety of materials and with user-friendly magnetic cartridge installation and charging it's virtually foolproof.


For thick, rich satisfying clouds of smoke using e-liquid, loose-leaf or essential oils the Series 3 is the intelligent choice and with a price tag of only 59.99 it's the only choice that works will three mediums. Available in three modern colors: black, steel and blue.


V2 PRO Cartridges


The intelligent, easy load cartridges are magnetically secured for lightning-fast cartridge changes and feature a handy notch with an icon that tells you which type of cartridge is inside the device as there are three vaping material options. Each different type of material will instruct the device to operate differently to optimize the versatility of the Series 3.

v2 pro e liquid cart

The liquid cartridge comes included with your kit. It holds 1.6 ml of your favorite e-liquid which is 800 puffs, or 15-16 cigarettes. Filling the liquid cartridge is amazingly simple- you just unscrew the top, add your preferred e-liquid, put the top back on and slide it into the vaporizer. The intelligent device recognizes the type of cartridge you put it thanks to a microchip and the device behaves accordingly so just press the button and puff.  The V2 website sells several their own e-liquid in two sizes (25 ml or 50 ml) in 12 different flavors with five strengths between 0% and 2.4% to suit any style or mood.


Prefer to vape loose leaf? No problem because when you insert the loose leaf cartridge into the vaporizer it changes how the device actually works. When you press the button the device will heat up for 25-30 seconds and the indicator light on the bottom of the device will glow red. Once the light turns orange the heat has risen to 170 degrees Celsius and is almost ready. The light will then turn green and you’re ready to go. The loose leaf cartridge can be purchased on the V2 website


The third cartridge option is the essential oil cartridge for your essential oils and waxes and will be available winter 2014. Something to mention is that the cartridges are not interchangeable with the Series 7 or the Series 9.




The USB charging cable is included in your kit. It will plug into any USB port so if you’re on the computer, in the car or anywhere else with a USB port you’re all set. Just plug the USB port in and use the magnetic end to keep the charger attached to the device. The wall plug is available separately on the V2 website.


There is a convenient indicator light ring on the bottom of the device that will let you know the status of your charge. It will pulse red while charging and turn green when fully charged. The battery specs on this device are awesome. The input is 4.2v, capacity is 650mAh, and Cartridge Ohm of 2.9 and with some quick math and an average puff length of 3 seconds you should be able to get around 377 puffs in every full charge. Another one of the things that makes this vaporizer convenient is that you can vape while it is charging without any sacrifice to the quality of your smoke.


This is V2 Pro. Never compromise.


Purchasing Your First Electronic Cigarette

first electronic cigarette - where to begin? can't beat a good KR8 2-piece rechargeable kit

Are you wondering what all the hype is about with electronic cigarettes? If you are curious about trying an electronic cigarette for the first time, you will need to choose between a disposable e-cig or a rechargeable one (a starter kit like the great ones on offer from V2 Cigs - tip: grab a coupon code over here and save a bunch!).

For the new "vaper," disposables are sometimes enough to discover whether or not the vaping lifestyle feels right. However, 99.99% of the time, e-cig users advance to a rechargeable-style e-cig rather quickly.




It's Hard To Beat The Sensible Form and Function Mastered With the Latest MINI aka Cig-A-Like E-Cigs from V2 Cigs. The New EX Series offer the best performing, truly longer lasting cartridges and convenient 2-piece tech that is the new ecig user's best friend (and some long time user's 'never leaves my pocket' choice for vape anywhere perfection)


Keep in mind that both disposable- and rechargeable-style e-cigs are available in a seemingly endless array of brands, styles, sizes and types. The specific device you choose will depend on your personal preferences and your budget.

Disposable Electronic Cigarettes - OK but skip it if you can, its not the same experience no matter what it says

Many e-cig newbies begin with a disposable electronic cigarette because they happen to see one for sale while paying for gas at the local convenience store. Or perhaps they are hesitant to invest more than a few bucks on an electronic cigarette, at first, because they do not know if they will like it or not. Typically, a disposable electronic cigarette combines everything needed for vaping into one short-term, disposable device. This way, the user can simply open it up and start puffing on the e-cig immediately. There is no fussing-around with e-liquid or atomizers because the attached cartomizer is already pre-filled.

The life of a disposable electronic cigarette can be unpredictable and its longevity mainly depends on how much it is used and its particular brand. Generally, a disposable e-cig lasts about a day or two for a moderate user. As previously mentioned, most vaping newbies quickly graduate to a rechargeable e-cig once they begin to discover their love of vaping. Although, the initial investment of a disposable is less than that of most rechargeable-style e-cigs, the costs can add up rapidly if the user continues to purchase only disposables. Plus, disposable electronic cigarettes offer limited options for flavors and nicotine levels.


Best bet is a E-CIG Starter Kit, A CIGALIKE aka Mini like Smokeless Image, V2 Cigs or Smokestik is a totally Great Call for New Users

Best bet is a E-CIG Starter Kit, A CIGALIKE aka Mini like Smokeless Image, V2 Cigs or Smokestik is a totally Great Call for New Users

Rechargeable Electronic Cigarette - E-CIG Starter Kits

When you graduate to the rechargeable e-cig, you might find yourself becoming overwhelmed and confused by all the different options on the market. At first, many people transitioning from tobacco cigarettes to electronic cigarettes choose the mini-sized e-cig batteries because they are approximately the same size as regular cigarettes. If the electronic cigarette is being used as a way to quit smoking, a mini-sized battery will sometimes make the transition easier because it feels comfortable and familiar in the user's hand.

In most cases, after using the mini batteries for a period of time, users start to desire an e-cig that offers more power and a longer battery life. The typical mini-sized e-cig battery lasts about two to three hours before it needs to be recharged. Larger electronic cigarette batteries can offer the user a much longer battery life, lasting anywhere from four hours to two days. The estimated life of an e-cig battery can be determined by looking at its mAh number, which stands for the milliampere hours of the battery.

The larger the number, the longer it will last. Mini-sized batteries usually have a life of around 280mAh, but larger batteries can have mAh ratings of up to 1300mAh, or even higher. An easy rule of thumb to remember is this:  100mAh = 1 hour of vaping (approximately). So, a battery rated at 280mAh will give the user about 2-3 hours of vaping time before it needs to be charged again.

When purchasing your first rechargeable electronic cigarette, do not get too hung up on advanced features like variable voltage or variable wattage. In time, you will understand the need for those features, but keep it simple in the beginning.

You will be amazed by how quickly you develop your own personal preferences with vaping equipment. You do not need to learn everything overnight, so take it slow and just enjoy your vape as you transition from being a lowly newbie to a more-knowledgeable intermediate vaper.


Worst E Cigs and E-Cigarette Scams to Avoid


The popularity of e cigarettes or e cigs is skyrocketing on the World Wide Web, which is not awful bearing in mind that they are far healthier than the harmful tobacco cigarettes. For all those who have a keen determination to quite tobacco, the advent of these devices is just like the birth of a savior. However, what if this savior becomes a threatener? Well, with the rise in popularity of these cigarettes, there has also been an increase in the number of scams and worst e cigarettes, both featuring false promises and unexpected losses. Let’s take a look at them to avoid falling into their trap forever!

E Cigarette Scams

It seems as if scams have become common in almost all spheres of businesses and services. 

On the surface, it appears that it is the scammer who is the real culprit. However, if you do an in-depth analysis, you will find that it is the ignorance of the customers who become the victim of such events while buying an e cig kit online. This is evident when the customer not even bothers to read the small print online at the time of purchasing. So, if you wish to remove scams from the root, it is advisable to first remove your ignorance from within by having a thorough knowledge of how scams occur.

Today, e cig scams exist in the form of unbelievable Free Trials that are highly persuading. However, they are the only ones to deceive particularly the novices. A majority of scams feature false promises in the form of 100% FDA-acceptance, 100% harmless claim that has no scientific backing yet, unproven health claims with no evidence, extra fees in small print that is not read, and 14-day refund policy that unknowingly begins from the day of order, instead of the day you get the product at your doorstep. Well, the policy itself is enough to trick you in case you do not like the e cig, as 14 days are gone easily due to which cancellation becomes invalid.

In most cases, e-mails about free trials are sent with attractive features such as free kit of $200, 100% free of risk (this is not possible because of nicotine), and 14-17 day refund policy. Most of the these cigs are actually not of high quality and within a week or fortnight, they start to show their real colors in the form of leakage, battery life over, and low vapor production. The real trick starts when the customer fails to read that fine print on the site at the time of buying.

Now, due to ill-functioning of the e cig when the customers want to return the product, more than 50% of the 14-day period has already gone. Then, the remaining days are spent in calling and mailing the company that is so shrewd to keep the waiting for a response. Finally, when the customers decide to send back the e cig, the 14-day period is finally fully over, rendering the return invalid for acceptance. In fact, the company assumes that the product is accepted by the customers and soon deducts the fees along with the refilling charges from the credit card account automatically. This is a common way of e cig scammers.

Such marketing gimmicks tend to be successful in persuading you to take up their low quality products at free rate. However, you later repent for buying a low quality e cig at a high price.

Worst E Cigs

There are many known companies in this list of 14-day trial SCAM, most of which are email spammers and frequent marketers. The worst part is that these companies are still active due to which the chance of a scam happening is always there. Some of the famous companies who are on this list are Prada, Direct, Regal, Smoke51, Saphire, Emerald Lux, XOCigs, and Life Vapor. Obviously, this list is incomplete but these are the most known brands to play tricks.

As a tip, if you are looking for a genuine e-cigarette kit, just make a resolution that you will fall into the trap of these free trial scams. This will always make you look for a reliable brand through thorough research.